Frequently Asked Questions


When it comes to supporting our dealers, TWS places a high priority on efficiency and customer service. As a result, we’ve developed a list of frequently asked dealer questions to serve you better.

How do I process a Pre-paid Maintenance claim in PCRS? 

Follow along with the video presentation to learn how to file a pre-paid maintenance claim in PCRS.


How do I file a claim?

Following the video presentation, Customers and Service Advisors will learn how to file a digital claim and use our online portal.


How do we determine if a claim is paid?

Payment Inquiries: 1-800-870-6856, phone prompt 1, option 1, then option 1 or email

How do I submit a claim for payment?

Please e-mail your completed repair order to

Here is a list of important reminders to help prevent payment delays:
1. Repair order must be signed by the customer
2. Part numbers must match those previously authorized
3. Mileage at time of repair must match mileage previously authorized
4. Final invoice must be provided (not work order)

Why does the payment we received not match the repair order amount submitted?

If the amounts on the repair order do not match those we previously authorized, we will pay the lesser of the amount authorized or the amount indicated on the repair order. Any changes to the amounts authorized should be called in and updated to avoid discrepancies upon payment. Also, don’t forget to include rental invoices for reimbursement.
See Repair Order Submission for full details on the process.

How quickly will I be paid?

Claim payments will be netted from your monthly dealer billing statement. Repair orders received by the 25th of the month are guaranteed to be processed for that month’s billing statement. We make every effort to process anything received after the 25th, but cannot guarantee it. Anything not processed will fall to the next month’s billing cycle.

Why do I need to submit a W9 form for payment?

We must disclose any commissions or payments for parts and labor to the IRS. Therefore, a federal I.D. number is required. We won’t process your payment until we get your W9 form and verify your name and TIN with the IRS.

How do I submit a contract?

Contracts can be submitted via the menu, which fully integrates with our administrative system (PCRS), or they can be entered directly into PCRS. For training on PCRS, please watch this video or call our Dealer support department at 1-800-870-6856, phone prompt 1, option 2 to schedule personal training..

Where do I send a payment for our contracts?

Once the month is closed, you can print the Dealer Billing Statement here. Depending on your account setup, TWS will either debit your account for the amount due, or you will send payment by the due date printed on your statement. Please do not print the statement directly from PCRS.

How do I cancel a contract?

To cancel a contract, you must log in to PCRS, search for the contract, click “Action”, “Cancel” and then complete the required fields. You should obtain a written signed request from the customer for your records. A template is available here under “useful forms”.

I am currently selling Vehicle Service Contracts with TWS. How do I sell your other products (GAP or Ancillary)?

Please get in touch with your Total Warranty Services sales representative or e-mail us at

How do I order supplies?

To order supplies, click here. Please allow 10-15 days for delivery.

Where can I find the products and marketing material offered by Total Warranty Solutions? 

Visit for more information.

How do I access the dealer billing portal and obtain my credentials? 

Dealer billing login is a universal login for each dealership. The login credentials for the dealer billing portal were provided in your launch packet from your account agent. Login credentials are provided to the controller of each location from TWS to distribute accordingly at the dealership. If you are unable to locate your credentials, please email to obtain them.

The amount of my PCRS billing statement does not match the withdrawal?

Please be sure that you are reviewing your consolidated dealer billing statement from the dealer billing portal, this statement is uploaded on the 5th business day of the month and is the amount that will match the ACH withdrawal from your account. If you have any further questions, please contact

Who do I contact to cancel or unwind a contract that has been activated? 

Please send any cancellation requests to

What is the status of the refund on my cancelled contract? 

Please send any cancellation status inquiries to

Who requested this contract cancellation/adjustment on our statement?

Please send a copy of the transaction you’re questioning to to obtain further details.

How do I change the bank account information on file with TWS? 

Please send an inquiry to to obtain new documents to update your banking information on file.

Who do I contact regarding the status of a claim payment?

Please send an inquiry email to

Who do I contact regarding an inquiry of my over remit payment and support?

Please send an inquiry email to

Where do I send documents for claim payments?

Send all pages of the final signed invoice with part numbers and itemized amounts for parts, labor, sublet, rental, and tax billed out to

How can I contact TWS to get payment status on an authorized claim?

Payment Inquiries: 1-800-870-6856, phone prompt 1, option 1, then option 1 or email

Where can I view a list of paid claims throughout the month?

The Dealer Billing Statement detail report lists paid claims by month and is accessible in PCRS.
Your accounting team will be provided with access to this report.

Do we need the customer signature on the repair order/final invoice for payment?

Yes, the customer signature is required on the repair order/final invoice for claim payment confirming the work was authorized by the account holder.

Why are amounts billed on the final invoice for an authorized claim less than what was authorized?

Common issue delaying payment:
-The part number, mileage, invoice number and date do not match what was submitted when the claim was authorized.
-Customer signature is missing on the final invoice.
Please contact TWS to update the claim before submitting the final signed invoice for payment.

How can my dealership assist with increasing claim submission speed and accuracy?

How can my dealership assist with increasing claim submission speed and accuracy?

Our dealers can submit claims online at or contact us at (800) 870-6856.

How do I check the status of a claim?

How do I check the status of a claim?

Payment Inquiries: 1-800-870-6856, phone prompt 1, option 1, then option 1 or email